Are you wanting a creation that fits with your current decor or will your new shade be the centre of attention from which your whole room design will evolve?

Firstly think of any colours, styles and themes you would like to follow. You can show me a scrap of wallpaper, a paint colour, or just throw some words my way for inspiration. 

Is your shade for an existing stand? Or will it hang beautifully from the ceiling? Depending on where your shade will be placed there are a few sizing and shape options available.

I will take some time sketch out a few ideas and pull together some fabric and thread options for your design. If you have a specific fabric you would like to use, providing it is suitable for your shade, I am more than happy to use this. Cotton, non stretch fabrics are best.

Once we have a sketch you are happy to proceed with, I will get creating!

Once the design is complete I will unite you with your new shade!


Circular Drum Shade

100mm - 1000mm Diameter

150mm - 300mm Height

Square Shade

200mm - 400mm Diameter

150mm - 300mm Height

Hexagon Shade

150mm - 400mm Diameter

150mm - 300mm Height

Alternative shapes available, please get in touch for more information and pricing.