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Wedding Veils - 6 Styles of the iconic bridal accessory

Will you be wearing a wedding veil?

According to ‘Pure Invitation’ some brides will be choosing their veil first and their dress second in 2024. No longer are veils just seen as an accessory, they may be considered as important as the wedding dress, if not more important.


The idea of having a veil can sometimes feel too traditional for some brides to be, however over the past few years some exciting new designs and styles have entered the world of bridal. Meaning that a veil can now simply be a work of art and a fun way to represent yourself.


A veil can be a subtle addition to your bridalwear or the star of the show! With so many possibilities it’s hard to know where to start. Short, long, lace, embroidery? Let’s chat about some options and help you decide what feels right for you.


Short Veils


Playful, fun, and flirty. A short veil is perfect for a bride who loves to dance! Opting for a short veil allows you to wear it into the night and straight onto the tiles! And if you are wearing a short dress a short veil will pair very nicely.


A shorter veil adorned with embroidery, or embellishments can really stand out with the backdrop of your exposed skin or hair. Especially if you are wearing your hair down. The length of a short veil can range from your shoulders to your fingertips, and anywhere in between. If you are going bespoke, you can choose the exact length.

4 tier short veil on mannequin featuring name and date embroidery.

A 4-tier short veil.

Long Veils


Elegant, romantic, and timeless. A long veil is perfect for those brides who are wanting to make an impact. As they sashay down the aisle their guests can admire from either side. A long veil will be sure to make you feel like a true goddess on your wedding day, as it cascades down your back and flows over your wedding dress. Allowing the edge of the veil to extend past your dress train allows for any edge detailing such as lace to be seen in its full glory.


Long veils have been a popular choice for the royal brides over the past few decades. Princess Diana’s veil extended to a show stopping 139 metres. A popular length for a long veil is around 250-300cm, otherwise known as a chapel or cathedral length veil.


A long veil may not be the best option if you have chosen a woodland wedding as you cannot guarantee that your path will be clear, and your veil could snag on rogue twigs along the way. This would be the perfect opportunity to opt for a shorter veil.

Couple kissing, bride wears a long veil with name and date embroidery at the hem.

Long veil with embroidered name and wedding date.

Embroidered Veils


Meaningful and sentimental. An embroidered veil can be magical. The tulle a canvas ready for your life’s story. If you are looking for a personal touch, an embroidered veil offers the opportunity to add a loved one’s name, wedding date, or perhaps you want to adorn it with embroidered flowers matching your bouquet. As you can probably guess, this is my favourite kind of veil!


Some brides opt to have a powder blue motif subtly embroidered onto their veil for their ‘something blue.’


If you have a family heirloom veil, you could even have this personalised and pass it onto the next family member to be married. That way you can create a lovely wedding keepsake to continue your family’s legacy.


I recently had the pleasure of working with a bride who wanted to wear her mum’s veil with the addition of some embroidery. She asked to have her mum’s wedding date and her own wedding date embroidered onto the hem of the veil. Something they will both treasure forever and perhaps pass down when the time comes.


The combination of a long veil and embroidery is a match made in heaven, especially if you fancy some colour. Here at Ashleigh Jay Embroidery, I can add colour through using different coloured threads and by painting ivory thread with dyes. Adding embroidery onto your veil is also a lovely way to add colour to your bridalwear without having to commit to a colourful wedding dress.


Any embroidery detailing really stands out when your veil is layered over your dress. If you have found a wedding dress you love but it doesn’t have a lot of detailing, an embroidered veil also gives you the option to add those more intricate details you feel you may be missing.


Meghan Markle chose an embroidered veil for her special day. Her veil featured the flora from the commonwealth countries designed by Clare Waight Keller, a beautiful sentiment. Her striking veil was paired with a simple yet sophisticated gown.


Here at Ashleigh Jay Embroidery, I can embroider most existing veils as well as my bespoke veils. If you already have a veil, contact me to see if it’s possible to personalise your veil! 

Wildflower embroidered veil.

Lace Edged Veils


Traditional and poetic. Lace can be stitched to the edge of your veil to create the most beautiful finish. If you have fabric remnants from your dress, these can be appliquéd onto your veil to continue the design. Or perhaps you have some vintage family lace to add?


You may wish to incorporate lace as a nod to English heritage, and the craftmanship involved in creating such beautiful textiles. Lace is often associated with bridal, prized for its elegance and timeless beauty.

Long veil with a lace edge draped over velvet sofa.

Lace edged veil.

 Colourful Veils


White and ivory are popular choices when it comes to wedding veils, however various shades can be chosen to match your wedding dress or to add a pop of colour. For example, pastel shades can create a unique and alternative bridal look!


If you are looking for a darker tone, black veils have become more popular, particularly when worn with a gothic style wedding dress. This was the direction Christine Quinn took opting for a black veil designed by Galia Lahav, to match her black gown.


Tulles come in all sorts of colours, so let your imagination run wild! There are even some designers who dip dye their veils to give an ombré effect.

Bride wearing long blush pink veil blowing in the breeze

Blush pink veil.

Embellished Veils


From pearls to 3D flowers, veils can be adorned with various embellishments such as beading, sequins and crystals. These elements can add sparkle, texture, and detail to modernise your look.


If your dress features pearls, delicate pearls could be sewn across your veil. If your dress features chiffon floaty flowers, why not have these replicated around the hem of your veil to emphasise the look. Or perhaps butterflies?


This year I have seen the addition of satin and tulle bows fastened to the top of the veil comb. The bow tails trailing down the veil, often embellished with the couple’s initials or wedding date.

Left Photo: Embellished veil.

Right Photo: Close-up of veil embellishment detail.

A Note on Veil Blushers


Sometimes veils feature a blusher. The blusher can be worn over the face as you walk down the aisle. Once you reach your fiancée, there is the magical moment where they lift the veil over your head and reveal your beautiful face. Both short and long veils can have blushers, it just depends on the style you feel is right for you.

Bespoke Veils


Custom made or bespoke veils are always an option for brides looking for a truly unique veil to match their vision. Considering these factors, you can create a beautiful and memorable accessory that transforms your bridal outfit whilst reflecting your personality.


Above all, a bridal veil should be an accessory you can have some fun with!


If you are feeling that a veil is now a ‘bridal must have’ please get in touch below, and together we can bring your dream veil to life.

Thank you for reading! Ashleigh X





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